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Sketching a Pansy in Coloured Pencils

A few days ago I started working on a small sketch of a pansy in coloured pencils. Today I finished it and I thought I'd share some of the process here, on my blog.    I don't actually have that many pics of the drawing process this time, but I did film the whole thing. :D Soo... there might be a YouTube video documenting it sometime in the future. :) :D Well, at least I hope it will: it depends on many factors (the quality of the footage, the editing process, all the other technical things that go into making a YouTube video which I am not that familiar with, since I haven't made any yet. :) (Well, I did, once, 5 years ago or so, but I have never actually uploaded it anywhere.)   Anyway. It's a tiny sketch (A6). I just wanted to see how the whole thing goes, especially with the filming part, so I decided to try something small first. Plus, I was thinking to use it as a hero image/focal point for one of my art journal spreads afterwards, so there was no point in doing a


Well... I did it again! I joined another online class, lol. :-D :-)

Anyway, this one is about working with the Lenormand cards for fortune telling and divination (boy, doesn't that sound weird). I am very curious though, because I kept hearing about them time and time again in this online world of card reading and card readers (Tarot, Oracle cards etc), but never tried them before. So I am basically jumping into this class as a total newbie. I don't even have the cards in question! (Yet. More about it below.)

This type of cards seem to be, out of all of the methods mentioned above, closest to the classic view of card reading for divination or fortune telling. At least to me. When you say cartomancy/fortune telling, the image forming in front of my eyes is that of a lady (possibly a gypsy woman) reading cards (Lenormand or plain playing cards). Of course, that is just what I imagine, doesn't mean it's the same for everyone else or that it should be. :)

Anyway, as I said, I'm a complete newbie at this too, and I didn't even have the cards in question when I joined this course! I still don't, but at least I've placed an order for a set online and I should get it next week, before the beginning of the class. It's a Piatnik set of Lenormand cards. And while I was browsing the seller's offer, I found another one, a set of gypsy fortune telling cards from the same company (Piatnik), so I've added this one to my shopping cart also. I'm very curious about these too. And I should be able to get my hands on them on Wednesday next week at the latest. :)

P.S. The links (and the photos) above are from the Piatnik company website. But I bought mine from a Romanian online seller (here and here, in case you might be interested). Also, the class I am talking about is this one (also in Romanian). Actually, this is the very first edition of this class, but I know the school (took some astrology and numerology classes with them some time ago and they're good).

Can't wait for it to start! And for my new cards to arrive! :)

I'll be back. :-D


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