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Day 2 of Art Prompts

Today I continued with the class mentioned the other day , and tackled the second prompt on the list: "drink". Decided to draw my usual morning brew, which is black tea. This time I used my favourite mug, which is a ceramic travel mug from T Bar, that I use without the safety lid, since I'm not traveling anywhere, so there is no danger of spilling anything. :)  The first is a sketch of my mug as seen from above. Here's a couple of process pics: Then I started sketching the mug as seen from the front. More process pics below: Next is the paper bag that my tea came in, which is actually drawn in real size (the other sketches are not). Of course, my cat decided to come and join me at some point and I didn't have the heart to move her away to take the pics. :) I started sketching my coconut milk also, but haven't finished it yet. I had to take a break at some point (I was tired and my eyes were stinging) and actually took a nap with the cat. :) I might finish it t

A Little Update

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It's been a while since I posted here. I mean, I had that short announcement about my Facebook page on the first of February and, since then... blank, that was it for this month... No proper blog posts or even a tiny update or something. (I blame it on Mercury retrograde, though, lol. :D) And a lot has happened, and in the same time... not that much, if you get what I mean. :) But at least I figured some stuff out and I kinda know what I want to do next, at least for the time being and for a while.

Firstly, the Lenormand course I was talking about here is done. I joined and followed it and was very interesting. There is supposed to be another, second part of it, that talks more in depth about the Grand Tableau and stuff like that, but that one hasn't been announced yet. Anyway, I got my study material and I will practice this kind of divination more in the future. At the moment I am too preoccupied with other stuff to be able to focus properly on it. But it's there, in case I need it. :)

As for my artsy endeavours, I've rediscovered my interest in mixed media and I've been trying all kinds of materials and techniques. I took some Skillshare classes on art journaling and mixed media in general and experimented in my art journal(s). I even got myself some small canvases (well, they're not actually canvases, but very thick pieces of cardboard covered in canvas and gesso or just gesso). And then I remembered I have Suzi Blu's book on Mixed Media Girls on my bookshelf and I took it out and started to follow her tutorials. I am taking my time with this, though.

And I've made a decision. Well, several. 

First, I want to be more focused on art making and dedicate more time to it. And not just art making, but other crafty and creative endeavours in general, too.

And second, start to document this whole journey more. Write more on this blog. And maybe finally start filming and uploading a YouTube video or two. :) I've been toying with this idea for quite a while, filmed all kinds of stuff, even edited some into proper videos with a beginning and an end, :) but never posted any of it online. Now I'm thinking I should at least try to do it. :)

But, as with everything else, I will be taking my time with this, too. No rush.

The idea is - at least what I was thinking about - to film myself doing my creative stuff, whatever that is, day by day, and, whenever I finish some piece of art, or art journal page, or whatever, I take that footage and edit it into a video showing the whole process, from start to finish. And since I work on several projects in parallel and I do not rush any of it, it might take some time. But, as I said above, the plan is to dedicate more focused time to my creative endeavours, so it should not be that long before I have a first video up and ready to go. :)

Not making any promises, though, lol. :D

As for the rest, not sure what else is worth mentioning here. I've made myself a Linktree account and that will solve the links problem, I think, at least for the time being. I've always struggled with how to keep everything up to date, all the links, in all the places, and this way I only have to update one place - my Linktree. :) (If you don't know what all this is about, here's a quick explanation.) There is not much there at the moment, because I'm still working on setting up some stuff (plus, I'm not that social, not even online, to be honest :D). But it's there, in case I need it. :) And now, with this, I also have one more problem solved. Yay, me! :D

I am still tweaking some other techie stuff, but that will have to be for another blog post, because I am not 100% decided on what I actually want.

(And... I think my word (well, affirmation) of the year changed... but that will definitely be for another post.) :)

...And now I've just realized I haven't taken any more process/progress pictures of my art journal spreads in... a very long time, so there is not much I could post here right now, and I was kinda counting on that... Hmm... I'll have to rummage through my picture gallery and see if I do find some, though... Otherwise I will just have to leave this post... bare. :(


Nope, no pics for today. But I will be back with a more artsy/crafty post soon, with pics and everything. See you in a couple of days or so. :D


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