Day 2 of Art Prompts

Today I continued with the class mentioned the other day, and tackled the second prompt on the list: "drink". Decided to draw my usual morning brew, which is black tea. This time I used my favourite mug, which is a ceramic travel mug from T Bar, that I use without the safety lid, since I'm not traveling anywhere, so there is no danger of spilling anything. :) 

The first is a sketch of my mug as seen from above. Here's a couple of process pics:

Then I started sketching the mug as seen from the front. More process pics below:

Next is the paper bag that my tea came in, which is actually drawn in real size (the other sketches are not). Of course, my cat decided to come and join me at some point and I didn't have the heart to move her away to take the pics. :)

I started sketching my coconut milk also, but haven't finished it yet. I had to take a break at some point (I was tired and my eyes were stinging) and actually took a nap with the cat. :) I might finish it tonight, or I might not. We'll see. I'll update this blog post if I do.

Anyway, now to the supplies used. For drawing, I used the same Micron pens from last time, sizes 005 and 01. As for the paper, I went for 300gsm A4 sketchpad paper, because the plan is to use watercolours to colour the sketches in. I've never used this kind of paper with watercolours before, just gouache, but I suppose it should be fine. I hope. :D

As an observation, I've discovered I actually enjoy drawing in fineliners, with no possibility of erasing, because it makes me pay much more attention to the object I am drawing and to the lines I put down on paper. Of course, the proportions are messed up here and there, and the lines are crooked and far from perfect :D, but I don't really care that much. I am enjoying myself immensely and I know I will also get better in time. :) :P (Plus, surprisingly, I kind of enjoy this slightly childish/simplistic look. I wouldn't have thought. But I'm still a long way from finding a balance between this style and the more realistic one that I used to go for, and for now there's just a not very successful mixture of both :-/... Plus I need more practice, of course. :) Anyway. The important thing is that I am practicing and that, as I said above, I am enjoying myself. :D That's it for now. :)


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