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Day 2 of Art Prompts

Today I continued with the class mentioned the other day , and tackled the second prompt on the list: "drink". Decided to draw my usual morning brew, which is black tea. This time I used my favourite mug, which is a ceramic travel mug from T Bar, that I use without the safety lid, since I'm not traveling anywhere, so there is no danger of spilling anything. :)  The first is a sketch of my mug as seen from above. Here's a couple of process pics: Then I started sketching the mug as seen from the front. More process pics below: Next is the paper bag that my tea came in, which is actually drawn in real size (the other sketches are not). Of course, my cat decided to come and join me at some point and I didn't have the heart to move her away to take the pics. :) I started sketching my coconut milk also, but haven't finished it yet. I had to take a break at some point (I was tired and my eyes were stinging) and actually took a nap with the cat. :) I might finish it t

Drawing from Art Prompts: Day 1

So, I have joined a couple of workshops on Skillshare, both on creating a daily art practice. The first one is a 21-day drawing challenge, and the second a 28-day one. Well, I am kind of late to the party on the first one, because it officially started on April 5th, and I have only joined it yesterday, on the 16th. It's comprised of two classes that were supposed to be taken in order, one after the other, but since I am so late, I will just take them both at the same time. And I guess I will document it here also. :)

So, the first class is all about drawing food, Daily Food Drawing Practice: A Creative Approach to Mindful Eating, and I did the first prompt today: "breakfast".

I did something I almost never do: draw in a non-erasable pen directly + draw in a style that is a little bit childish/simplistic. I am not really used to any of those approaches. So... I did challenge myself a little bit with this, "got out of my comfort zone", as they say, which is a good thing, I think. :D Yay, me! :)

Yep, that is supposed to be a bowl of cereal (muesli) + coconut & almond milk. :) And I used a 01 Micron pen on 170gsm A5 sketchbook paper to draw it. That's it. 

I will update this post during the day if I do more art prompts. :)


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