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Giving Myself a Fresh Start

It's kind of weird to start making changes around your life in the middle of the summer (of the year, actually), isn't it? It feels like this should be more of a beginning of the year (or at least spring) thing, right?... But the truth is I have been working on changing things for months now (well, years, to be honest...) but only more recently things started to look like they're also actually moving a little bit, kind of, sort of, in the direction I want them to (or at least in a more promising one :P). :) So, when, a couple of weeks ago or so, I decided to delete everything on this website and start anew, it turned out to be a good thing, in a way, eventually, and fall into sync with my decision, a bit later, to take the reins on my life properly and start putting things into motion "for real this time". I mean, in a more... obvious way, at least, let's just say. :) And that kickstarter moment was just yesterday morning (after a new moon in Leo on Sunday aft

Giving Myself a Fresh Start